Healing Stones


Agate - Discerns the truth, powerful emotional healer and helps one accept circumstances.
Ajoite - A rare crystal ( African mine now flooded) Extremely high vibration that wraps the soul in universal love and brings profound spiritual revelation.  Can draw negative energy, karmic wounds, or implants out of the body, no matter where or when they originated.
Amazonite  -  Aligns astral bodies, unity with life, enhances creative expression.
Amber  -  Calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves, finds humor and joy.
Amethyst  -  Encourages inner peace, fights addictive behavior and transforms energy.
Ametrine  -  Dispels negativity, aids in decision making and meditation and relieves stress.
Andalusite  -  Stimulates past memories, re-alignment and centering of self.
Angelite  -  Protects, strengthens degenerate organs and is excellent for creative people.
Apache Tears  -  Grants forgiveness, understanding in distress and used for good luck.
Apatite  -  Good for communication, helps one become highly psychic and controls weight gain.
Apophyllite  -  Loving attunement to body and spirit and aids in stimulating intuition.
Aquamarine - Banishes fears, calms nerves and it can impart strength and control.
Aragonite - Calms and centers, allows for insight and aids in self-discipline.
Aventurine - Independence, strong legs and joints and can assist one in career changes.
Azeztulite - A rare and light-bearing crystal. Extremely pure vibration, one of the most refined in the mineral kingdom.  Attuned to the highest frequencies. Expands conciousness. Opens third eye and the crown and higher chakras.  Wonderful healer.
Azurite - Guidance to psychic self, cuts through illusion and enhances communication.
Azurite in Malachite - Initiates transformation, aids in clarity and understanding with visions.
Blue lace agate - Expands consciousness and can bring soothing, wisdom, peace, happiness and tranquility.
Bloodstone - Prevents high blood pressure, cleanser of body, powerful healer and aids in decision making.
Boji stone - Sense of joy, highly energetic and draws pain out of body.
Cacoxenite - Known as a stone of ascension. Heightens spiritual awareness.Helpful for overcoming fear and clearing stress.
Calcite - Aids with memory, good for arts and sciences and balances you mentally and emotionally.
Carnelian - Releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy and rage.
Celestite - Clears speech, is used for personal expression and is a highly spiritual stone.
Chalcedony - Expression of emotional needs,honesty and alleviates regret.
Charoite - Accelerates spiritual growth, enhances self-esteem and the ability to love.
Chrysocolla - Native American healing stone, relieves ulcers, arthritis and respiratory problems, good for protection.
Chrysoprase - Prevents depression, increases grace, equilibrium and communication.
Citrine - Cleans aura, detoxifies the body, aids in tissue regeneration and mental stimulation.
Copper - Soothes arthritis, releases restrictions and helps stimulate initiative and optimism.
Coral - Protection from evil, increases imagination, resolves conflicts and is good for heartburn.
Danburite - Stimulates intellect, enhances psychic ability and self-assuredness.
Diamond - Brings forth purity, harmony and love, also brings in abundance and love.
Diopside - Brings necessary tears, heals trauma, aids in past life regression and is a scrying stone.
Emerald - Assist with your insight allows you to see the goodness in others, secures love and attracts wealth.
Fluorite - Fortifies bones and teeth. Used for comprehension and aids in stabilizing and calming emotions.
Fossil - Aids in past life exploration and used for protection from spells.
Galena - Harmony, healthy  hair, promotes holistic studies, helps with iron deficient blood and circulatory system.
Garnet - Increases health, fidelity, imagination, and balances energy flow.  Also known as a sex stone.
Goethite - Facilitates clairaudience and metaphysical abilities. Useful for any form of divination.
Gold - Purifying, healing, balancing, promotes a good outlook and helps with masculine energy.
Hematite - Grounding, promotes common sense and protection, helps with the kidneys and level headedness.
Herkimer Diamond - Stimulates clairvoyance and psychic abilities, soothes tension and aids in sleep.
Howlite - Combines reasoning, observation and patience, to help with discernment.
Iolite - Gives accurate visions, releases discord and strengthens the liver.  It is a soul connector.
Jade - Reduces eyestrain and negativity, promotes longevity and will bring wisdom and prosperity.
Jasper - Powerful psychic healer, protects against negativity, controls intense passionate nature and makes traveling safe.
Jet - Dispels migraines, illness, violence, deep deporession and protects finances.
Kunzite - Reduces insecurity, addictiveness and aids with manic depression while helping with maturity.
Kyanite - Promotes clarity and understanding in dream work and enhances creativity.
Labradorite - Brings recognition of destiny and connects one with the elements.
Lapis Lazuli - Strengthens total awareness, ESP, the skeleton, thyroid and creativity. Promotes self-importance and confidence.
Larimar - Confidence builder, good for sales, reduces depression and brings serenity.
Leopardskin Agate - Aids in concentrating on the details of life. Dispels fear, relieves anxiety and stress.
Lepidocrocite - Acts as a bridge between matter and conciousness, enhancing the application of spiritual insights to functional reality.  Enables the teaching of truth without dogma and the art of observing without making judgements. Said to act as an appetite suppressant and be beneficial for the liver.  dissolves tumors and encourages cellular regeneration.
Lepidolite - Promotes self-love, alleviates stress, anger and nervous tension. Lithium based.
Malachite - Lucky money stone, aids in sleep, asthma and labor. Helps spend money wisely.
Merlinite - Also known as psilomelane. Brings magic and luck into your life.A powerful energy cleanser,, reprograms ingrained patterns of behavior in the mental and emotional etheric blueprints, bringing about profound change. Promotes circulation of energy and oxygen around the body.
 Moldavite - Channeling inter-dimensional sources, catalyst for important changes in life.
Moonstone - Lucky love stone, it is calming, introspective and assists with emotional well balance.
Morganite - Sisterhood, balances emotions, heals pain of separation and has a powerful love energy.
Obsidian - Eliminates gullibility, offers detachment, a very protective stone. Helps hot-tempered people keep cool.
Onyx - Relieves stress and grief, strengthens self-control and morality.  Helps overcome loneliness, helps adapt to unfamiliarity.
Opal - Recalls past lives, aids inner beauty, faithfulness and helps with eyesight.  Fire in opal aids in release of anger.
Peridot - Opens new doors, removes stress, fear and guilt. Activates personal growth and prevents envy of others.
Petrified wood - Connection to Earth and Nature, removes petty annoyances and speeds learning from past mistakes.
Phenacite - Inner knowing, spiritual travel and increases energy of other stones.
Pietersite - Dignified power and loving guidance.  Assists with accessing the Akashic records through psychic abilities.
Prehnite - Balances chakras and enhances personal relationships.
Psilomelane - See Merlinite above.
Pumice - Helps one with weight problems stick to diet.
Pyrite - Increases memory, concentration, spiritual and psychic abilities for students. It also protects investments while promoting good health.
Quartz - A programmable stone. It helps break bad habits, enhances life force, brings good luck. Excellent for channeling.
Rhodochrosite - Strengthens mental power and helps you find new love. Helps you remember dreams.
Rhodonite - Helps overcome difficulties during hard times, assists in achieving your greatest potentials and promotes positive thinking.
Rose Quartz - Reduces weight, wrinkles and aids in fertility.  Helps with matters of the heart, wealth and body.
Ruby - Good for mental balance, improves circulation and is a strong protector of health, wealth and body.
Rutilated Quartz - Helps enhance energy in other stones.
Sandstone - Its absorbant nature helps to clear mistakes.
Sapphire - Goal motivator, strengthens loyalty, promotes good judgement. A highly evolved stone.
Selenite - Aids in breaking bad habits, decision-making and clarity. Strengthens spinal cord.
Seraphinate - Cleanses auras and chakras. Helps you contact your angels and promotes cooperation.
Silver - Aids in the flow of blood to organs. Eases stress. Improves speech. Feminine energy.
Smoky Quartz - Relieves depression, tension and balances sexual energies.
Soapstone - A soft stone that promotes change of mind and body.
Sodalite - Used for prophetic dreaming, the endocrine system and eliminates confusion. Helps one stand up to adversity and overcome it.
Sugilite - Aids physical healing while reducing stress and emotional balance. A good stone for cancer patients.
Sunstone - Dissipates fearfulness, increases vitality and spiritual growth.
Super Seven - combines the spiritual and protective qualities of Amethyst, the cleansing and grounding ability of Smoky Quartz and the energy-amplifying properties of Quartz with Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrocite and Cacoxenite.  The smallest piece of Super Seven carries the vibration of the whole, whether or not all minerals are present.
 Tanzanite - Relieves skin irritations like stings and eczema. Stone of magic, facilitates spiritual growth and stimulates insight.
Tektite - Wisdom through life experiences, prevents emotional scars and bad memories.
Tiffany Stone - Enhances intuition and metaphysical gifts, opening the higher crown chakras. Assist in interpreting channeled material. Removes blockages and enhances clear thought. Beneficial for tendonitis, arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Turritella - Eases domestic relations and group interaction.
Tiger Eye - Psychic protector, great for business, helps achieve clarity. Used to identify addictions and overcome them.
Topaz - Regeneration of tissue, kidneys and liver, enhances understanding and prevents procrastination. Used for relief of a common cold.
Tourmaliner - Relieves fatigue and anemia, while it increases success and love.
Tugtupite - Teaches the power of self-love--without which it is not possible to value yourself or another, to give or receive love or to know intimacy.
Turquoise - Friendship, mental relaxation, helps the respiratory system and aids in relieving anger.
Unakite - Enhances sense of personal power, converts negative energy into positive. Promotes self-growth. Helps kidney stones.
Zincite - Removal of energy blockages and brings together those of a similar mind.